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Final Moment of True AF6 by my Fuji X100s


“Everything that has a beginning has an end”, Agent Smith (The Matrix Revolutions).


After 5 years of belonging to the True AF6 members, this long journey has reached the final stage. Even though I have been up on many shows and stages, this final performance seems to have something that is much more special. It feels like after the struggles, pains, tears, joys, and laughters you have been through all these years, you have never really felt that it would finally reach an end. And when it comes, it hit you strong and hard.


So, I would like to dedicate this blog post to all the members of True AF6. These are the photos (taken by my beloved Fuji X100s) of the things we’ve done together to prepare our final show and complete the last chapter of these 5 incredible years. Thank you everyone for being there with me and creating these great memories together. I will remember these moments we have shared together forever.

Till we meet again. :)

Wave of Knobs Thinking Dance Off Empty Chair Sing It Staff Pianist Backstage Lights



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